Monday, October 20, 2008

Russia: Holocaust Memorial Vandalized In Kaliningrad

Holocaust Memorial Vandalized In Kaliningrad

(ISJM) The Regnum News Agency reported on October 10th that an unknown person painted anti-Semitic death threats and a swastika on a memorial commemorating victims of the Holocaust in Kaliningrad, Russia. The monument is in a restored old Jewish cemetery that has been previously vandalized twice in recent years.

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Hels said...

I have been looking at Jewish architecture in the Baltic cities, from St Petersburg to Kaliningrad. I have included Kaningrad because of its historical importance, and geographic location, even though I have no idea why the area is now Russian, and not Lithuanian, Polish or, more remotely, Belarussian. Do you know?

One of the things about the Grand Choral synagogue in St Petersburg was not anti-semitic destructiveness but terrible neglect. I wrote it up in

What chance has an old, restored Jewish cemetery got of surviving?