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Publication: Ebrei Peimontesi

Publication: Ebrei Peimontesi: The Jews of Piedmont

I was happy to receive this week copies of the exhibition catalog Ebrei Peimontesi: The Jews of Piedmont just published by Yeshiva University Museum. Why was I pleased? One reason is because the book has my essay "The Synagogues of Piedmont," that I wrote at the time of exhibition 12 years ago.

The museum is to be congratulated on their perseverance to get this book published. It was occasioned by the exhibition of the same name held in 1996, but really the book it can stand alone. It is well designed and produced and benefits from the exquisite photos of synagogues by Alberto Falco.

The contents of the volume are as follows:

The Jews of Piedmont from the Later Middle Ages to 1796
by Geoffrey Symcox

Piedmont Judaism after Emancipation
by Gadi Luzzatto Voghera

The Jews of Piedmont and the Holocaust
by Susan Zuccotti

Rabbinic Culture in 15th-Century Piedmont
by Jeffrey R. Woolf

Nusah APaM: A Medieval Litugical Survivor
by Yom Tov Assis

Hebrew Manuscript Decoration in Piedmont from the Late 16th to the Early 19th Centuries
by Shalom Sabar

The Synagogues of Piedmont
by Samuel D. Gruber

The Cuisine of the Piedmontese Jewry
by Edda Servi Machlin

"The Rabbi's Family," chapter two of Memorie di vita ebraica: Casale Monferrato, Roma, Gerusalemme, 1918-1960
by Augusto Segre

Ebrei Peimontesi
: The Jews of Piedmont (New York: Yeshiva University Museum, 2008).
[ISBN 0-945447-19-1] Softcover, list price $20.00.

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