Monday, July 26, 2010

Greece: Jewish Museum in Athens Vandalized

Greece: Jewish Museum in Athens Attacked by Vandals

The Jewish Museum in Athens was vandalized this week. On July 22nd, red swastikas were painted on the building's exterior walls. Despite frequent acts of vandalism against Jewish targets throughout Greece, including those in Ioannina, Hania, and elsewhere previously reported on this blog, this is the first time the museum has been the target of and anti-Semitic attack. According to community representative security cameras recorded the eight perpetrators during the museum attack.


Hels said...

*sigh* In previous decades, we always felt perfectly safe in Greece. I wonder what has gone so badly astray... why is anti-Semitism taking such a hold in Greece, do you think? Did they get right inside the Jewish Museum?

Maurice said...

The Greek Orthodox Church and the newspapers are allowed to continually fan the fire of anti-Semitism without harness. The Jewish Greek communities have no common bond, as they all operate as separate entities. There is no cohesiveness and there are no adult program to strengthen what is left of the Jewish Greek community. May the Almighty send the Messiah in our time to bring an end to all of this suffering to our people Israel.