Friday, November 25, 2011

Lithuania: Former Anykščiai Synagogue Demolished

Anykščiai, Lithuania. Demolition of former synagogue. Photo from informacija

Lithuania: Former Anykščiai Synagogue Demolished

(ISJM) One line and a few pictures in a Lithuanian online news service reported the demolition of the former community synagogue in the northern Lithuanian town of Anykščiai (Aniksht in Yiddish). The reason given for the demolition of the building on Saltupio Steet, which had been used as a bakery, was a "state of emergency." A new building to house a social services center is planned for the site. In the one picture posted of the standing building it does not appear to have had any surviving identifying or distinctive exterior features, though it looked to be in relatively good condition.

You can read about the Jewish history of the town here.

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