Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tajikistan: More on Synagogue Demolition in Dushanbe

Tajikistan: More on Synagogue Demolition in Dushanbe

Sergey Kravtsov of the Center for Jewish Art sends the following update about the destruction of Tajikistan’s only synagogue:

“Our architectural historian Zoya Arshavsky managed to organize the last-moment documentation of the compound. The work was done by a group of local Tajik architects. They drafted sketches and took measurements and photos on parallel with the bulldozer's work and lamentations of the community. In fact, the razed compound included three prayer halls: two of Bukharan Jews, and one of the Ashkenazim. It included also three courtyards: one separating the prayer halls, the second with the communal kitchen and mikveh, and the third one with the premises of the burial society. Women's area was not initially a part of this compound, but was added at certain stage of its existence. The whole compound was one storey, with some lofty rooms. It was built about one hundred years ago. Our documentation, when properly accomplished, will include ground plan, major sections, and about 100 photographs. The compound had no exterior elevations. Zoya is interviewing Israeli informants, who still remember these synagogues. This is initial information, to be deepened as soon as more data arrives, and more analysis is done.”

To Sergey’s remarks I would like to add that the emergency documentation of the Dushanbe.If you would like to contribution to assist with this work, please contact me. To send contributions directly to CJA contact Sergey at:

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