Friday, July 11, 2008

Czech Republic: Restored Synagogue Reopened as a Museum in Straznice

Restored Synagogue Reopened as a Museum in Straznice, Czech Republic

[n.b. I originally posted this article by email on June 13, 2008]
(ISJM, June 13, 2008) The Prague Monitor reports that the former synagogue in Straznice, Moravia Czech Republic) was recently reopened after a long restoration process that took 15 years to complete. The 1804 synagogue had been in a state of ruin since the Germans occupied the town in 1941. The restoration was sponsored by the Brno Jewish Community and was overseen by architect aroslav Klenovsky. The community and architect had previously successfully organized the restoration of the synagogue in Boskovice. The former synagogue will not be used by the town museum for exhibitions. To read more see:

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