Friday, November 21, 2008

Jamaica: Volunteers Wanted for More Cemetery Survey

Jamaica: Volunteers Wanted for More Cemetery Survey

Following up on last year's work surveying and documenting the 18th century Jewish cemetery at Hunt's Bay, Jamaica, the Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions is calling for more volunteers to continue the Jewish cemetery inventory again this year in the Kingston area, surveying two smaller historic cemeteries, and well as checking inventory work, done last year at Hunt's Bay. Jews fleeing persecution in Europe settled in Jamaica as early as 1530 where they played important roles in commerce and the sugar industry.

Volunteers will inventory, photograph, and map the Orange and Elliston sites and check work at Hunt's Bay. Lodging is at The Alhambra Inn (doubles roughly $90/night. volunteers pay their own travel and lodging costs, though some on-the-ground expenses are covered - pending funding from sponsors.

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What are the proposed dates for this project?

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