Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Czech Republic: Celebration Planned at Restored Hermanuv Mestec Synagogue

Czech Republic: Celebration Planned at Restored Synagogue

Simchat Torah in Hermanuv Mestec, CZ

Ruth Ellen Gruber reports about Hermanuv Mestec (Czech Republci), where Simhat Torah will be celebrated on October 22nd in the restored neo-Romanesque synagogue (designed by architect Frantisek Schmoranz and built in 1870).

The event will be a joint celebration by Prague's liberal Bejt Simcha congregation and the Progressive Temple Sinai congregation from Wellington, New Zealand. Temple Sinai has a Torah scroll that comes from Hermanuv Mestec, which it received through the Czech Memorial Scrolls Trust, of which I have written before.

Go to Ruth's blog for more information and photos of the synagogue.

Click here for more photos.

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