Sunday, November 23, 2008

Germany: Two Cemeteries in Thuringia Desecrated

Germany: Two Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Germany Desecrated

According to the Associated Press (Nov. 17) two Jewish cemeteries in Gotha and Erfurt, both cities in the Eastern German State of Thuringia, were desecrated. Police reported a pig's head and an anti-Semitic banner left at the gate of a cemetery in Gotha, and that several glasses containing a red blood-like liquid were thrown over the cemetery gate. A memorial plaque at the Erfurt cemetery was also covered in a red liquid.

This case is getting a lot of attention, and such acts should be reported, and noted with disgust. I only wish that even a fraction of the attention would be given to those occasions - that happen daily - when more and more local (non-Jews) in Germany, Poland and elsewhere, are caring for cemeteries.

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